Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nana's All Natural Granola

If you are like me, you value your sleep over making breakfast. I am always looking for fast but healthy breakfast options to switch it up from my usual smoothie. I found Nana's All Natural at a gluten free expo and have been hooked ever since. It is perfect for a quick breakfast on top of some yogurt with fresh fruit. It is great for on the go snacking too. Not only is this granola fresh and tasty but it has the lowest sugar grams from any granola on the market right now. They use maple syrup or coconut palm sugar to sweeten their granola plus beneficial coconut oil! It has the perfect amount of sweetness to not overwhelm you with that sugary or chemical flavor. 

Nana's All Natural has two different gluten free flavors, Jamaican Me Crazy and their bestseller Tropic of Ginger. Both flavors are unique and different from most granolas I have tried. The Tropic of Ginger is definitely my favorite. They use the crystalized ginger to make a syrup and then infuse it into the whole batch. I can't wait to use one of these flavors for baking. 

You can find Nana's here in San Diego at Keil's Market or head over to their website and order a bag. Nana's All Natural and check them out on Facebook too! How about their instagram: Nanasallnatural

Thanks Nana's All Natural! 

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