My Story

 Growing up I lived on bagels, eggrolls and endless carbs but also dealing with stomach issues and feeling sick after eating was the norm. I visited countless doctors, tried an overwhelming amount of medicines, had every test done and could never find an answer. Finally one specialist gave me the answer. One word. GLUTEN. I didn't even know what gluten was. How can one little tiny thing make such a huge difference in how I was feeling? So you are telling me if I cut out gluten I will feel better? Simple, right?

Boy was this carb lover in for a shock. How can a Southern California girl survive with no burritos? How can a Jewish girl live with no bagels? NO ASIAN FOOD!? After going cold turkey on bread and crying after tasting my first brown rice tortilla, a month had gone by and the majority of my stomach pains and other annoyances like migraines, acne, depression and low energy were gone. That's when I figured it out. Nothing tastes better than feeling good after eating.

Now that I had accepted the loss of sourdough and tempura sushi rolls it was time to figure out a gluten free lifestyle that worked for me. Just because something is gluten free doesn't mean it has to sacrifice taste. There are a ton of ingredients out there! Instead of thinking about what you can't eat all the time, think about what you can eat and how to use those ingredients as many ways as possible. I started this blog for myself, family, and friends. I wanted to create flavorful, healthy recipes that I can share with all of the gluten free foodies out there. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! XO

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