Saturday, November 2, 2013

Boll Weevil 53

When I went Gluten Free I was in denial. I would cheat a little bit here and there and wasn't as strict and cautious as I am now. I used to eat from shared fryers, a well-known cross contaminated area. The hardest thing for me to give up was french fries. Naturally gluten free, usually contaminated. Then came Boll Weevil 53 in Santee, California.... Y'all they have dedicated fryers and a huge gluten free menu. Go ahead and splurge, eat some safe and delicious french fries. 

Boll Weevil 53 has been one of the best places consistently for my gluten free dining needs. They take such great care of their gluten free customers. They take all the precautions to keep you safe including these cute little labels from Gluten Free Labels. The labels give you the 100% good to go to make sure there was no confusion from the cook to the server. 

What goes better with burgers and fries than an ice cold gluten free beer? A variety of gluten free beers and ciders to choose from. They have multiple New Planet Flavors, including my favorite brew the Blonde Ale.

Boll Weevil's burgers are juicy and seasoned well. They offer a gluten free bun as well as a lettuce wrap option for the gluten free customers. The gluten free bun is toasted and holds together well. They have a ton of different burger toppings for creating your own or you can order one of their signature burgers. They also have a turkey burger! If you aren't a burger fan they have some tasty salads. They come with house-made gluten free croutons. You can't beat that! Check out their menu here (Scroll down for their gluten free menu) 

Did I mention there is a bacon wrapped hot dog?!
Yea... I'll meet you there in 20

9621 Mission Gorge Rd, Santee, CA 92071
(619) 334-5353

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