Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Down on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights is a little local coffee shop that serves up some of the best coffee around. I knew the very first time I tried Dark Horse that it was a special place with some very delicious coffee and friendly employees. It quickly became my favorite coffee shop and I dream about the coffee and their incredible iced latte with house made syrup. 

You can smell the fresh beans roasting as you walk up. I wish I could bottle that smell and carry it with me. The world would be a happier place if everything smelled like fresh coffee. 

Have you ever tried pour over coffees? For some reason, they just taste better. The roasts are excellent and the prices even better. 

Okay, I rarely make claims like this but this is the best iced latte in San Diego. I go out of my way often just to stop and get one. I am a Dark Horse addict with full on iced latte cravings. 

What goes better with coffee than donuts?
Gluten Free Donuts!

Donuts and other gluten free baked goods are made by the lovely Gluten Free Please. You can find her treats in a few coffee shops around San Diego (Dark Horse Coffee, Subterranean Coffee, Young Hickory, and Lazy Hummingbird) You can place special orders too!
Those tasty donuts below are the Chai donuts.  
Make sure to check out her instagram. Drool worthy pictures of her gluten free baked goods and she lets you know what she baked that day and where to find it. 
Instagram- Glutenfreeplease 

Support your local coffee shops!!
Read the story about Daniel and how Dark Horse was born.

3260 Adams Ave, San Diego, California 92116

Instagram- darkhorsecoffee

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