Monday, November 4, 2013

Dallas GFAF Expo

I am back! I survived driving in Texas! I spent an amazing weekend in Dallas/Plano Texas for the GFAF Expo. It is always awe-inspiring seeing so many gluten and allergen free companies in one giant room. Every single expo takes my breath away. Some of my old favorites were there, a ton of new delicious allergen free options, and I met some brilliant and inspirational people. From gluten free carbs galore, texas rain storms, girls night with cards of humanity, and spending the weekend with my gluten free family I couldn't have asked for a more perfect gluten free weekend.

A huge thanks to Holy Crap Cereal for sponsoring the bloggers. This awesome named company from Canada is a non-gmo, organic, gluten free, and vegan breakfast cereal. It is packed with nutrients and protein. It comes in a few different varieties so make sure to check them out to find your favorite! 

Drum roll please... My two favorites of the weekend!

I am a lipstick junkie. If you were to look in my purse right now there would probably be about 10 different lipsticks and balms. I really believe that lipstick completes any outfit. 
I have been a fan of Red Apple Lipstick from social medias and my blogger friends who swear by their products. I finally had the chance to play around with some Red Apple Lipstick and makeup.  Oh my goodness. These lipsticks are heaven. They are so smooth and come in the most beautiful vibrant colors. They are gluten free, paraben free, lead free, animal cruelty free, no animal parts, and vitamin E enriched for some pretty kissers. I went home with Strawberry Lips and Hibiskiss and have been wearing them everyday since! I can't wait to see them at the next expo so I can try the other great lip products and gorgeous make up.

I have tried a lot of gluten free pizza in my gluten free life. The good, the bad, the awful, and the cross-contaminated, i've had it all.  When I tried Smart Flour Foods Pizzas I immediately couldn't stop raving about it. I literally made sure all of my friends who were working different booths got some pizza. This is some of the best i've tried. They are certified gluten free so it's safe to eat and it tastes so good. 

I was introduced to a lot of great companies in Dallas. Some that were local Texans, some who traveled from Canada, Colorado, Arizona, California and even Australia. I love getting to meet the faces behind some of these new (or new for me!) 

Green Valley Organics is a certified humane farm from Northern California. I loved trying all the flavors of their Lactose Free Kefir. It is organic, gluten free, humane and tastes amazing. My favorite is the strawberry pomegranate but every flavor was delicious. The lactose free sour cream was smooth and creamy. Hopefully someday I will make it out to the farm for a visit! 

Local Oven is a Texas based company that creates some of the tastiest gluten free breads around. The rolls are so soft and have the best texture. They served them up toasted and I couldn't stop myself from going back for seconds or thirds. I went out for BBQ in Texas after the expo one night and so I got a double dose of Local Oven from the expo and from dining out in Texas. It's great that you can buy them online too! 

Freedom Foods has some really tasty cereals and gluten free products. I loved getting to try these cereals. They have a ton of other products too like biscuits, bars, pancake mixes with quinoa...yum, condiments, and spreads. Obviously, Australia knows what they are doing when it comes to great tasting gluten free options so thanks for bringing it over to us here in the states! Cheers! 

Living Now has tons of great mixes and certified gluten free flours. 

As always, it's a pleasure seeing some of my favorite companies and of course the people behind them. 

I loved spending a weekend with the lovely Whitney from Bakery on Main. My expo partner in crime. Bakery on Main still has my favorite oatmeal on the gluten free market. 

Always love getting to taste some Bard's GF Beer. This american lager is made from 100% Malted GF Sorghum. It's refreshing to hear about their high standards for keeping their beers safe and 100% gluten free. Bard's takes great care of their ingredients and creates a delicious beer. 

I am lucky and got to spend another weekend with my soul sister Erica from Celiac and the Beast. She is such an awesome human and just released her first book "Celiac and The Beast: A love story between a gluten-free girl, her genes, and a broken digestive tract"  I read the entire thing on the flight home from Dallas and was laughing through every page. It is so relatable for anyone with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. I absolutely recommend this book for everyone and anyone who is gluten free or knows someone who is. Thumbs up times a million. Buy it HERE

Nutra Summa was there sampling their pea proteins. I took home a vanilla! Nutra Summa has high quality nutritional supplements and they are gluten free too!

Taste Guru is a gluten free box of the month club. They send tasty samples of gluten free products straight to your door. It is an awesome way of finding new gluten free products to make GF living a bit easier. Plus it's a surprise every month! Taste Guru hand picks and tastes the products to make sure you get the best selections. You can sign up here and pick a plan that works for you. 

Always nice to see the New Planet guys! They brought out their new Brown Ale to sample. 

Enjoy Life for the win. Sampling some allergen free bars and plentils. Love their products!

Delight Gluten Free Magazine is one of my favorites. It has great gluten free living tips, GF recipes, GF travel, and so much more. I love reading each new issue more than the last.

Kyra Bussanich, 2 time Cupcake Wars Winner and cook book author was there sharing her knowledge and signing books. I can't wait to attempt every single recipe in there. Kyra is an inspiration. She owns a gluten free bakery Kyra's Bake Shop in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She's even hosting a cruise in May. I love me some Kyra!! (And the amazing Brandy Wendler, Mrs. Northwest and Celiac advocate) 

The G-Free Foodie Box Club! I love this monthly gluten free box. You can sign up Here! The monthly box club comes packed with tasty gluten free products. KC Pomering is like a gluten free fountain of knowledge so you know are getting great products in the G-Free Foodie box. 

Happy Family Brands has organic snacks and meals for babies and tots. I love these for the kids I babysit, but to be honest they make great snacks for adults too haha 

What an incredible weekend! The GFAF Expo is top notch. I can't wait to continue to attend these expos for years to come. See you in San Francisco! 

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