Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Atherton Baking Co

I was so excited to get to finally meet the wonderful Kimberly behind the amazing baked goods and creations from Atherton Baking Company. We had connected a few months ago over Instagram and I have been drooling over the all the decadent sweets she posts. I took a little drive out to Lakeside, Ca to a cute little coffee shop that made me feel like I was walking into someones cozy home. Kimberly made me some of her favorites to try and they were definitely worth the drive. 

Kimberly and Rick Atherton started their baking business when both their children we're diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Kimberly, who is also diagnosed with Celiac, wanted to create tasty options for herself, children and all the other gluten free foodies out there. They make breads, jams, and desserts.

You can find some of these amazing gluten free baked goods at Kaffee Meister in Lakeside

Double Chocolate Tree Bark
The Double Chocolate Tree Bark was a tasty accident that came about from camping and melted chocolate. It is so addictive with it's sweet and salty crunch. 

Spiced Peanut Butter Cookies with Expresso Ganache
The peanut butter cookies had the perfect amount of spice. They were taken to the next level with the expresso ganache. These are a must try!

Chocolate Azteca Torte
This defines chocolate. So rich and decadent, there is nothing better than that. It has a hint of chili in there for a little pep in that bite of chocolate. 

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