Friday, May 10, 2013

The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear is a custom ice cream sandwich shop in Pacific Beach, California. They recently opened and there have been lines out the doors ever since. The Baked Bear was opened by two San Diego natives Shane and Robbie. These guys are going to kill it with their new business endeavor. I mean who doesn't love ice cream and fresh baked cookies put together? 

A lot of the time being gluten free means skipping out on places like this but thankfully the awesome guys at The Baked Bear have given us a gluten free option.

Have you guys missed ice cream sandwiches as much as I have? This little beauty is SO delicious and the cookies are Gluten Free and Vegan. They are soft and chewy but still hold together well which can sometimes be lacking in a Gluten Free cookie. 

The Baked Bear has educated themselves on what needs to happen to keep the gluten free customers safe and with happy bellies. They bake the gluten free cookies separate from the rest of the cookies and have a designated "G" tray to avoid cross contamination. The employees are trained to change their gloves before they touch the gluten free cookies too! Although, it is not a 100% dedicated gluten free kitchen I ate the whole thing and felt fine.

They are really making an effort which is a breath of fresh air as many places don't care to make options for the gluten free foodies out there. Not only that, but talking to Shane you could tell he was interested in all things Gluten Free and picked my brain about how to keep it safe. Bonus points for The Baked Bear for caring! 

A huge thanks to Robbie and Shane for taking some time to hang out with me and talk all things gluten free. These guys truly deserve all the success coming their way. Head over to The Baked Bear in Pacific Beach and try em out today. 100% Annie's Gluten Free Grub approved. Check out their website and make sure to like them on Facebook!

4516 Mission Blvd Ste. C
(between Garnet and Felspar) 
San Diego, Ca 92109

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  1. glad you came in annie!!! just found out i'm mildly allergic to gluten.. GREAT! haha, this blog is now on my favorites bar. thanks!

    -jordan kownacki