Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CDF Expo 2013 Recap

The Celiac Disease Foundation Expo was the holy grail of all things Gluten Free. It is usually unheard of for someone with Celiac or a gluten intolerance to be able to walk into a room and feel safe and to be allowed to eat everything. Everryyyything. It was like watching 1500 adults run around a gluten free candy store. I almost enjoyed watching peoples reactions more than anything throughout the day. I think I am still in carb overload from all of the samples I tried. I didn't get too take as many pictures as I wanted because all I could do was eat! We literally walked around for 5 hours eating gluten free goodies...uhhh best day ever? I think so. All of our favorites were there like Udis, Enjoy Life, New Planet Beer, San-J, The Pure Pantry, and Bob's Red Mill plus a ton of smaller companies that have new, delicious gf options coming out. I'll be reviewing some of the products I received over the next few weeks and I'll keep you guys updated on what products are worth buying.

This was just the tip of the gluten free iceberg. 

One of the highlights for me was meeting the amazing Lagasse girls, Jilly and Jessie. Cooking and good food runs in their blood being the daughters of Emeril Lagasse, but they are making a name for themselves with creative and delicious gluten free dishes.  They are both diagnosed with Celiac/Gluten Intolerances which makes them so much more relatable. These girls just get it! I cannot wait to cook some of their recipes and share them with you guys. Not only are they the sweetest girls ever, but they are kicking butt in the kitchen and making huge strides in the Gluten Free community. Make sure to check out their website and go buy their book!

One thing I enjoy about being Gluten Free is feeling the love that is floating around the Gluten Free community. There is a special bond being diagnosed with Celiac or a Gluten Intolerance. You just automatically understand each other and admire each other for dealing with the sometimes frustrating gluten filled world. I was SO excited to meet  and spend time with some of my favorite Gluten Free bloggers at the event too. It was so inspiring and comforting to meet these fabulous ladies. Make sure to check out their blogs and follow them on instagram and twitter for all things gluten free.

Take me back to the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo 2013. One of the best, most inspiring days ever. I  met the most amazing people and tried some of the tastiest gluten free products. I can't wait until next year! 

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