Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Annie's Ginger Snap Bunny Cookies

I love when you take a bite of something and it flashes you back to your favorite childhood flavors. I miss the days of teddy grahams and all those little sugar packed cookies. Annie's homegrown GF Ginger Snap cookies remind me of the days of packed lunches, jelly sandals, and recess.  They are sweet with that slightly spicy bite of ginger. A lot of time I feel like packaged gluten free products can leave a weird taste in your mouth but these don't at all. They don't crumble apart either! Overall I would recommend trying these, plus they are cute and kid friendly. 

Another plus side of these delicious bunny cookies is they use quality ingredients over at Annie's Homegrown. They only work with suppliers that have non-GMO ingredients which is awesome! Check out Annie's Homegrown Website (Great name by the way) and see what they are up to! 

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