Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Gluten Free 25th Birthday!

What an amazing birthday! Thank you all for celebrating with me! 
Every Gluten Free foodie knows how difficult and risky eating out can be. I can't even count the times I have been told something is gluten free and then find myself sick later. Eventually, I just got used to eating out on rare occasions and doing tons of research before eating at restaurants. Make sure you always talk to your waiter or the chef before ordering something on the menu. 

I started my birthday with a little trip to Long Beach, California to head over to see the penguins and fishies at the Aquarium of the Pacific. 

After visiting my best friends, all this gluten free gal wanted was some french macarons. Of course, I did my research about the Long Beach area and its Gluten Free offerings and found a great little place that had a few Gluten Free baked goods as well as those colorful little french macarons. We headed over to downtown Long Beach and my heart sunk when we saw a big closed sign on the window. Oh no!!! I can't celebrate my birthday without indulging myself with some sweets! Thank goodness for Iphones. Within 2 minutes we were on our way to the next bakery and within 5 minutes...

Oh, hello there.

Hooray for french macarons, now if only I could get a lifetime supply. 
Head over to Babette Bakery in Long Beach California to get your sugar burger fix.
Although, they are not made in a dedicated Gluten Free kitchen, I inhaled 5 of them and felt totally fine.

Since my birthday is the whole month of February, the celebration continued with my best girls. I moved to North Park, California a few months ago and have driven by this restaurant everyday knowing that Gluten Free Chinese food is just through those doors. Of course, I got to choose the restaurant and I didn't even have to think when deciding.We headed over to Wangs in North Park. Finally! This girl was SO happy. Not only was I surrounded by my best friends, my heart and stomach were so happy from all of the Gluten Free choices. 

Seriously though, look at all those choices! 
I started with the Jalapeño Calamari for an appetizer. Crispy crunchy calamari oh how i've missed you. Wang's jalapeño calamari was so delicious. The calamari was cooked perfectly, and not a bit chewy. It was flavorful and spicy with all the bits of jalapeño and peppers surrounding the crispy calamari. I didn't really want to share it but of course I did and even my friends who aren't Gluten Free thought it was amazing. 

For my entree, I ordered the General Wang's Chicken. Any dish that uses the restaurants name has to be one of the best right?  OHHH man, take me back to last night. This was some of the best Gluten Free chicken I have ever ordered. Not just asian cuisine, it beats out every type of chicken dish. It was hot, crispy and flavorful. The chicken was smothered in delicious sweet and tangy sauce that made it hard to not want to lick the plate. I try to make asian food at home and I always think it's delicious but it never turns out this this delicious. As I sat there, scarfing down my gluten free chicken I realized I barely had any left. This is called black out eating. Where did my chicken go?

I am so happy and a little worried that Wang's North Park is walking distance to my house. The service was perfect and attentive, the decor and atmosphere was comfortable and hip, and the Gluten Free food was out of this world. The best part of it all, I felt fine! I did not get sick at all, meaning they known what they are doing back there in the kitchen. I will definitely be going back to indulge some more. According to my landlord, the owner or "Tom" as the waiter called him lives in my building. Hey Tom! Feel free to knock on my door 24/7 with Gluten Free Chinese food. I will make sure to eat it all...again.

Check out their website and head on over for some delicious Gluten Free Chinese Food

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