Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Curried Cashew Green Beans

One thing I love about Indian food is the majority of it is Gluten Free. When I first became Gluten Free, it was tough. Changing my lifestyle from eating California burritos all the time to a Gluten Free lifestyle was a drastic shock to my carb loving system. I took a trip to San Francisco during the first few months of being Gluten Free, and was stressing that I would be the "difficult" friend. We ended up at an Indian restaurant in the Mission District. As a Gluten free newbie, I went straight to the manager and talked to him about my options (I still recommend talking to the manager or chef when eating out). The menu was huge. In my mind I was about to have a choice of two things. The manager then pointed out two things on the menu..."You can have everything but this and that" 
My jaw dropped and my stomach started grumbling. You mean I can have all of this?!?! That's when my love affair for Indian food started. I began trying Indian food restaurants and sampling different dishes and curries. I try not to eat out too often so creating satisfying Indian dishes was a goal. Here is a great little side dish to accompany an Indian style meal. I always prefer to get vegetables fresh and organic when possible. Skip the canned veggies and stick to fresh to obtain all the benefits and vitamins you can. 

Green Beans or French Green Beans, trimmed
1/2 Cup Cashews
1/4 TSP Salt
1/4 TSP Garlic Powder
1/8 TSP Ground Ginger
1 TSP Curry Powder
2 Egg Whites

Heat oven to 400 Degrees. 
Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper. 

In a food processor, add cashews and grind. Some small chunks of cashews are fine. My food processor doesn't get all of them!

In a bowl, mix ground cashews and all the spices. 
Pour cashew spice mixture on a plate.
In a different bowl, separate the egg whites and toss the yolk in the garbage.

"Bread" the green beans by dipping them in the egg white, then the cashew spice mix.  
Line the cashew "breaded"green beans on your baking sheet and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes until green beans are cooked and cashews are crispy.
Serve hot with sriracha and enjoy! xx

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